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Our company delivered 3 sets of oxygen generation plant to India on Jun 3 , which model number is HYO-30 ,flow rate is 30Nm3/h .https://www.equipmentcn.com/products/medical-oxygen-generator/

oxygen generator
oxygen plant HYO-30
oxygen generation plant
30Nm3/h oxygen plant
oxygen plant
loading the oxygen plant into container

These plants will connect the hospital pipeline directly , outlet pressure is 4 bar ,and purity is 93-95% . Main configuration of oxygen generation plant system includes air compressor /air receive tank /refrigerant dryer/Air Filtration System/Oxygen Generator/Oxygen Buffer Tank/Oxygen Sterilization System .

Our Oxygen Gas Plant work with PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology and ensure continuous and uninterrupted supply with guaranteed purity. Using this technology, we produce oxygen gas plants that are highly economical and require low maintenance and produce the desired results in a hassle-free manner.

These generators absorb nitrogen with the help of two absorption vessels that are filled with most efficient zeolite molecular sieves responsible for nitrogen absorption. We are the manufacturer and exporter of PSA Oxygen Gas Plants.

In the Oxygen Gas Generation Process, the air is taken from an air compressor and oxygen is separated from other gases, including nitrogen with the help of zeolite molecular sieves. The process involves two towers filled with zeolite molecular sieves which adsorb nitrogen and subsequently discharge waste. The oxygen generated is 93-95% pure. When nitrogen saturates from one tower, this process changes over to the other tower, thus helping in the process of continuous oxygen generation.

Below is the test run pic for oxygen generation plant HYO-30 before delivery :

 oxygen generation plant
oxygen plant

We will provide the detailed installation and operation manuals of oxygen generation plant to our customers .

The oxygen generation system and all the components shall have one year warranty after delivery.

The Warranty Period of the Contract Equipment shall be 12 months (one year) from the date of delivery. In case the Contracted Equipment is found defective in the Warranty Period, the Seller shall promptly supply the parts and components (free of charge) upon the receipt of the Buyer’s notification, which is needed for repairing of the Contracted Equipment.


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