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Recently, a 40HC container of oxygen cylinder are senting to Peru.

As the supporting equipment of the oxygen generator, the steel cylinder, used for filling oxygen, usually used in hospitals, homes, factories and other occasions.

oxygen cylinders
Cylinders in our factory.

Commonly oxygen cylinders are 40L/150bar and 50L/200bar. And as shown in the pictures, this shipment of cylinders are 50L/200bar. Their size is 232mm outside diameter, and 5.8mm wall thickness, also could fill 10m³ of oxygen. Of course, if you don’t like green, we can also change the color.

Cylinders in the 40HC.

As shown in the picture, the final product consists of a bottle, a valve and a cap. The cartons above contain the gas reducers, also known as the kit. If you are interested in it, you could also contact us.


Okay, the cylinders are installed immediately. Hope they will workable in Peru!

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