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The containerized HYO-5 oxygen generator is more conveniently and quickly, and has set sail to the port of Callao, Peru!

After 40 days of intensive production, the containerized oxygen plant has been successfully completed. After the final test run, it will set sail for Peru.

This HYO-5 oxygen plant(https://www.equipmentcn.com/product-category/psa-oxygen-generator/) is installed in a 20GP container, including air compressor, refrigeration dryer, filters, gas tank, oxygen generator host, oxygen booster, filling row and other equipments.

oxygen generator
View inside the container.

Regarding this HYO-5 oxygen plant, it can produce 5m³ of oxygen per hour , and the purity is 93%-95%. It usually used to fill oxygen cylinders, and could also be used in hospital beds. Of course, we also accept customization of this product.

In the container, all parts of the oxygen plant are installed in advance, and will test run before shipment. After the customers get the oxygen plant, they just turning on the main power supply, and following the correct startup sequence, and then it’s time to wait for the oxygen.

oxygen generator
Air compressor in HYO-5 oxygen generator.

The containerized oxygen generator is more easy operation. As shown in the pictures, the equipments are fixed in the container, so it could avoids damage during shipping.

oxygen generator
Container oxygen plant on truck.
oxygen generator
Container oxygen plant on truck.

The containerized oxygen plant could move through trucks, so they are convenient. At the same time, it solve the problem of difficulty in moving. Now it has been fixed, ready to set off from China’s Shanghai port, and ride the wind and waves to Peru, good luck!

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