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On April 4, 2018, the first commercial hydrogen refueling station in China that was independently developed by the headquarter of Huayan Compressor Co., Ltd. was developed and manufactured, and the hydrogen diaphragm compressor unit with an exhaust pressure of 45.0 MPa was officially delivered to customers. After rigorous testing, various technical performance indicators meet customer needs: inlet pressure 5-20Mpa, exhaust pressure 45.0MPa, volume flow rate is 350Nm3 / h, which is the largest displacement under the same exhaust pressure parameters in domestic hydrogen refueling stations Diaphragm compressor.

     At present, the domestic hydrogen refueling stations have built hydrogen refueling capacity of 200 kg / taitian, while China’s future demand for hydrogen refueling stations is 500 kg / taiwan ~ 1000 kg / taitian. Huayan Compressor Co., Ltd. delivered the customer’s diaphragm compressor with a hydrogenation capacity of 400 kg / day, which meets the needs of commercial operation. In the future, the headquarter of Huayan Compressor Company will work closely with colleges and universities to develop high-displacement high-pressure hydrogen diaphragm compressors with pressures up to 90Mpa to realize the domestic production of diaphragm compressor units for hydrogenation stations.

Hydrogen compressor for hydrogen station

The successful delivery of the two sets of hydrogen diaphragm compressors is a new milestone in the company’s development history, marking the successful entry of Huayan Compressor Company into the hydrogen energy market and adding bricks and tiles to the construction of hydrogen refueling stations in China!

High-pressure hydrogen compressor

Xuzhou Huayan Gas Equipment Co., Ltd.-The first domestic commercial operation of hydrogen diaphragm compressor units for hydrogenation stations was officially delivered to customers



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