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The diaphragm compressor is a positive displacement compressor with a special structure. The cylinder part and the hydraulic oil lubricating part are completely separated by the diaphragm and do not contact each other. Its excellent sealing performance, the compression medium does not contact with any other or the outside, and it will not produce any pollution during the compression process, so it can compress the purity requirements Extremely high gas, can reach a purity of more than 99.999%.

1. Huayan’s diaphragm compressor has a reasonable product structure, stable and reliable operation, low vibration and low noise.

2. Our company’s new membrane cavity curve improves the volumetric efficiency of the compressor and increases the life of the diaphragm compressor and valve of the consumable parts.

3. Full-featured independent oil pump station system, which provides stable pressure, clean quality, and adequately cooled lubricant for compressor lubrication and cylinder operation, and the function of supplying oil from the cylinder components to the tank greatly facilitates the user Overhaul and use.

4. The whole equipment is concentrated on a skid-mounted chassis, which is convenient for transportation, installation and handling of the equipment.

5. Diaphragm compressors are particularly suitable for the compression, transportation and bottling of precious and rare gases. In addition, for extremely corrosive, toxic and harmful, flammable and explosive, and radioactive gases, diaphragm compressors are also suitable.

6. The diaphragm compressor can be controlled by PLC electrically and transmitted to the DCS main control room remotely. The signal can include the monitoring of the intake air temperature and exhaust temperature and automatic shutdown. Alarm and automatic shutdown, remote display of low cooling water pressure protection, etc.



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