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About Xuzhou Huayan Gas Equipment Co., Ltd.

Xuzhou Huayan Gas Equipment Co., Ltd.,Is a leading gas compressors provider,The company is headquartered in Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China.Covers an area of 91,260㎡,Since the production of gas compressors in 1965,Our company has accumulated rich design and manufacturing experience,Has professional forging, casting, heat treatment, welding, machining, assembly test and other production and processing capabilities,And complete technical testing equipment and methods,We can design, manufacture and install products according to the parameters of customers.

Production capacity

an annual output of 500 sets of various gas compressors has been formed.At present, the compressor outlet pressure produced by the company can reach up to 50MPa,Our products cover the fields of national defense, aerospace, nuclear power, petrochemical and other fields.
Our products have been exported to dozens of countries around the world,Mainly: Indonesia, Egypt, Vietnam, South Korea, Thailand, Finland, Australia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Russia and other countries,We can provide complete one-stop solutions for every customer around the world,Our company guarantees that every customer is assured with high-quality products and excellent service attitude.

History of the company

From 1905 to 1916, the company’s predecessor was the Xuzhou Longhai Railway Locomotive Depot, which was established when France and Belgium invested in the construction of the Longhai Railway in China.

In 1951, the People’s Liberation Army Railway Corps took over and transformed it into the Railway Corps First Machinery Plant.

In 1960, the first 132KW piston compressor was successfully developed

In 1962, it was renamed as the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Factory 614,

In 1984, after being changed to a factory, it was merged into the Ministry of Railways and changed to the Ministry of Railways Engineering Command Xuzhou Machinery Plant.

In 1995, it was officially renamed Xuzhou Machinery General Plant of China Railway Construction Corporation, which is a subsidiary of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission.

In 2008, according to the State Council Document No. 859, as the first batch of restructuring enterprises of the SASAC, the 105-year-old China Railway Construction Corporation Xuzhou Machinery Plant was successfully restructured.

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