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MCH6 80-100L/Min 300bar Breathing Air Compressor Scuba Diving & Firefighting for Sale

Short Description:

  • Model: MCH6
  • Flow: 100L/min
  • Work pressure: 30Mpa(300bar)
  • Type: X-shape, 4-stages,4-cylinders
  • Driver: Electric 220V/50Hz/2.2 kW or 380V/50Hz/3kW or gasoline engine
  • Lubrication method: Splash lubrication
  • Cooling method: Air cooling
  • Control method: manual stop or automatic stop
  • Size(L*W*H): 35×65×39cm
  • Weight: 39kg
  • Product Detail

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    1Product name

    MCH6 Respirator Air Pump (High Pressure Air Compressor)

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    3Main parameters


    Work pressure:30Mpa Mpa(300bar)

     Displacement (inhalation state):80~100L/min  L/min

     Type:X-type layout-four-cylinder four-stage reciprocating piston compression

    Drive:Electric 220V/50Hz/2.2kw or 380V/50Hz/3kw or Honda gasoline engine drive

     Lubrication method:Splash lubrication

    Cooling method:Air-cooled

    Control method:Manual shutdown or (optional to automatically shut down to pressure)

     Clean air:1 air filtration, 1 oil-water separation, 1 air purification

     Safety devices:Final stage installation valve, transmission part installation protective cover

     Packing size (length×width×height): 35×65×39cm


     Inflation speed:It takes about 22 minutes to fill a 6-liter bottle with 30Mpa

    Certified productCE certification, MA test report

     Packing List:Instructions, safety inspection report certificate, 1 set of inflation hoses and joints, 1 bottle of standard lubricating oil.

    4Working principle


     Pure air through an air filter (1) after filtration, enters into the first-stage cylinder through (2) the first-stage cylinder intake valve, and after being compressed by the first-stage cylinder, passes through (3) the first-stage cylinder exhaust valve and enters (4) the first-stage cylinder Cooler, the cooled gas enters the second-stage cylinder, the compressed gas enters (6) the second-stage cooler through (5), the cooled gas enters the third-stage cylinder, and after being compressed by the third-stage cylinder, enters (7) ( 8) Three-stage cooler, the cooled gas enters the four-stage cylinder, the gas compressed by the four-stage cylinder enters (10) the four-stage cooler through (9), and the compressed and cooled gas enters (11) the oil-water condenser , Enter (15) activated carbon molecular sieve filter, the filtered pure air is discharged through (16) hose. (12) Pressure gauge (13) Safety valve (14) Connecting pipe.


     This product adopts four-cylinder four-stage compression, splash lubrication, last-stage safety valve and filter system. MCH6 can provide safe compressed air for any industry that requires high-pressure pure air source, and provide safe compressed air that meets the requirements of human breathing. This product is designed, produced and tested and accepted in accordance with the requirements of GB/T 12929-2008 "Marine High Pressure Piston Air Compressor"; the air quality meets the EN12021 international breathing compressor breathing standard; MCH6 is an air compression device that will be in a free state 1 kg of air (1bar/0.1Mpa), compressed to a gauge pressure of 300 kg (300bar/30Mpa) of high-pressure gas. After the air flows through the separator and filter in the unit, the high-pressure air is removed The oil and impurities in the air can filter the inhaled air containing fine particles (PM2.5) below the safety value of 10 micrograms, which meets the standards set by the World Health Organization, so that the exhaust gas is clean and tasteless, providing personnel with Highly purified, clean, odorless, safe and reliable compressed breathing air.

    5Product composition and characteristics


    The rotating part is equipped with a protective cover device to ensure the safety of the operator;

    High-strength nylon cooling fan, better heat dissipation effect;

    Four-cylinder four-stage compression, low compression ratio, reliable performance;

    Motor drive or gasoline engine drive to meet the gas supply demand under various conditions;

    Splash-type high-efficiency lubrication;

    Air filter (paper filter element)

    Oil-water separator (standard with manual blowdown)

    Air purification system (standard manual sewage discharge) activated carbon, molecular sieve, carbon monoxide absorption molecules constitute a triple breathing air purification system, reusable packing cartridges, simple and convenient replacement, saving costs

    Manual shutdown function (optional automatic shutdown)

    Final safety valve, automatic discharge of overpressure

    Shockproof pressure gauge 0~5800psi/400bar

    The compressor base is made finely and durable;

    Stainless steel cooling system;

    6Main application


    Fire-fighting breathing application: equipped in the gas supply stations of the fire brigade or various fire-fighting vehicles to provide emergency gas supply at the scene of a fire or in the rescue and relief process, so that the majority of firefighters will be exposed to heavy smoke, poisonous gas, steam or lack of oxygen. In this environment, you can breathe highly purified, clean, odorless, safe and reliable compressed air, thus ensuring that fire extinguishers can safely and effectively carry out fire fighting, rescue, disaster relief, and rescue.

    Diving breathing applications: diving clubs, diving enthusiasts, marine breeding, sea rescue, ship equipment, underground operations, fishery fishing, aquaculture, sunken object salvage, underwater engineering, water parks, shipbuilding and other industries, providing high Purified, clean, odorless, safe and reliable compressed breathing air. In an environment that cannot meet the requirements of the human body for normal breathing, the air is filled into a high-pressure gas cylinder for human breathing.






    Q1: If you accept small orders?

    A1: Yes , feel free to contact us


    Q2: Can you send products to my country?

    A2: Sure, we can. If you do not have your own ship forwarder, we can help you.


    Q3: Can you do OEM for me?

    A3: YES, OEM is welcomed .


    Q4: What's your payment terms ?

    A4: By T/T,LC AT SIGHT,30% deposit in advance, balance 70% before shipment.


    Q5: How can I place the order?

    A5: First sign the PI,pay deposit,then we will arrange the production.After finished production need you pay balance. Finally we will ship the Goods.


    Q6: When can I get the quotation ?

    A6: We usually quote you within 24 hours after we get your inquiry. If you are very urgent to get the quotation.Please call us or tell us in your mail, so that we could regard your inquiry priority.

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