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Shipping Oxygen Cylinders To Ethiopia

We delivered 480 pieces of oxygen steel cylinders to  Ethiopia on Dec 21,2021.

Cylinder is a kind of pressure vessel. It refers to a refillable mobile gas cylinder with a design pressure of 1-300kgf/cm2 and a volume of not more than 1m3,

containing compressed gas or high-pressure liquefied gas. It is used for civil, public welfare and industrial and mining enterprises. A more common type of pressure vessel in China.

Cylinders are also called gas cylinders. The main system of the cylinders is made of killed steel, alloy steel or high-quality carbon steel.

The main structure includes: bottle body, protective cover, base, bottle mouth, angle valve, fusible plug, anti-vibration ring and packing, etc.

Oxygen cylinderOxygen cylinder





steel cylinders40L steel cylinders

Specification of the oxygen cylinders is as below :

Capacity 40L
Wall Thickness 5.7mm
Weight 48KG
Height 1315mm
Working Pressure 15MPa
Standard ISO 9809-3


How to use the oxygen cylinder correctly ?

In many fields, the use of liquefied gas cylinders and industrial cylinders is indispensable. When using these products, the correct use method is very important. Under normal circumstances, when the LPG cylinder is leaked and mixed with air, it is flammable and explosive, which is very dangerous. So, how to use the LPG cylinder correctly? Oxygen cylinder manufacturers stated that they must use liquefied petroleum gas cylinders with product qualification certificates, and it is strictly forbidden to expire uninspected cylinders. Cylinders with a service life of more than 15 years shall not be inspected, scrapped or destroyed according to law. Check before use. After the liquefied gas cylinder furnace is connected, use soapy water to check whether the cylinder body and the hose connection are leaking before use. If there is an air leak, it should be resolved in time. If the bottle body or angle valve leaks, it can be sent to our service point for replacement in time. Prevent damage and leakage of switches on cookware and gas cylinders. At the same time, always pay attention to and educate children not to play with switches to prevent fire or other accidents. The angle valve of the liquefied gas cylinder opens clockwise and closes counterclockwise. The cylinder must be used vertically. It is strictly prohibited to horizontally or invert the oxygen cylinder. The manufacturer stated that the cylinder must not be exposed to the sun. Gas cylinders must not be placed in places where the temperature is too high. Cylinders are not allowed to be near open flames, and do not use boiling water or use open flames to bake the cylinders. It is strictly forbidden to put steel cylinders in closed low cabinets. If a leak is found during use, immediately close the gas cylinder valve and open the doors and windows for ventilation.

Post time: Dec-21-2021