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What are the main parameters needed to order a diaphragm compressor


High pressure gas diaphragm compressor factory direct sales

When your company needs to consult diaphragm compressors | hydrogen sulfide compressors | hydrogen chloride compressors | hydrogen station compressors | high pressure oxygen compressors | helium compressors | gas recovery compressors | nitrogen filled compressors | , Please provide at least the following parameters so that we can provide you with an accurate model or quotation in a timely manner.

1. Inspiratory pressure: also called inlet pressure, which is the pressure value of the buyer’s air source;

2. Exhaust pressure: also called outlet pressure, which is the highest working pressure required by the buyer’s system;

3. Intake temperature: the temperature of the buyer’s air source;

4. Exhaust temperature: Also called outlet temperature. That is, the highest temperature measured after the compressor is discharged from the exhaust port of the diaphragm compressor;

5. Air supply temperature: It is also called the temperature of the exhaust gas after cooling. The temperature of the high-temperature gas discharged from the diaphragm compressor is cooled by the cooling system provided by the compressor and used by the buyer;

6. Compressed medium: or gas, if it is a mixed gas, the components of the mixed gas should be provided, the proportion of various components in the mixed gas, and the characteristics of the compressed medium should be provided;

7, volume capacity: also known as the exhaust volume or air supply volume, that is, the above-mentioned suction pressure, exhaust pressure, the gas volume required per unit time, generally under standard conditions, that is: the standard gas volume per hour Nm3 / H);

8. Electrical explosion-proof level, specific requirements and special requirements for self-control of diaphragm compressors;

9. When ordering from abroad, the voltage and frequency of the power supply should be specified.

Post time: Sep-06-2021